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In the dynamic landscape of business credit, FairFigure emerges as a beacon of opportunity for those looking to expand their financial horizons. Their affiliate/partners program isn’t just another passive income stream; it’s a robust partnership offering unparalleled benefits and a lucrative commission structure. This blog delves into why FairFigure stands out as the best choice for entrepreneurs and businesses aiming to build credit and generate substantial income.

Comprehensive Commission Structures

Unmatched Earning Potential with Fairfigure’s Premium Monitor

High Commission Rates: With Fairfigure, you earn an impressive 50% commission on every subscription to our Premium Monitor. This package, priced at just $30 a month, offers an array of valuable tools including:

CreditCorrect Tool: An innovative solution for correcting and managing business credit information.

Equifax Commercial Reports: Access to detailed commercial credit reports from a leading bureau.

CreditSafe Reports: Insightful reports from one of the world’s most respected credit reporting agencies.

Foundation Score Reports: Exclusive reports providing a comprehensive view of a business’s credit score.

Tri-Bureau Consumer Reports: Detailed consumer credit information from all three major bureaus.

ID Theft Protection: Advanced protection to safeguard against identity theft.

Reports as a Trade Line: Enhances credit profiles by reporting as a tradeline.

This all-in-one package not only aids businesses in managing and improving their credit but also provides you with a lucrative income stream.

Lucrative Commissions on Fairfigure Capital Card Funding

Generous Funding Commissions: In addition to monitor commissions, earn 6% on Fairfigure Capital Card fundings. These fundings range from $250 to $1000, opening another avenue for substantial earnings.

Continuous Income with Lifetime Commissions

Lifetime Customer Commissions: The financial benefits with Fairfigure extend beyond initial sales. We offer commissions on all future purchases made by your referred clients for the lifetime of their account. This means a continuous revenue stream for you, as your clients continue to utilize our services.

Why This Matters for You

Sustained Revenue: Our commission structure provides a consistent and long-term income source.

Growth Opportunities: As your client base grows, so does your earning potential.

Client Satisfaction: Offering valuable and comprehensive credit services ensures client loyalty, leading to repeat business and ongoing commissions for you.

Competitive Edge: The combination of high commissions and a suite of essential services makes Fairfigure an attractive option for both you and your clients.

Client Challenge: 

New businesses often lack a profile with business credit bureaus, leading to difficulties in obtaining Net 30 accounts. This delays the development of a substantial credit profile.

Solution for Clients:

Fairfigure accelerates this initial phase. We offer a streamlined process that helps new businesses quickly establish a credit profile, bypassing the usual lengthy waiting periods. This rapid setup increases client satisfaction and reduces the likelihood of negative reviews.  On sign up, we have a tool to rapidly build a profile from the start. 

Your Benefit:

By delivering a faster and more efficient setup process, you enhance client satisfaction and retention. This not only strengthens your reputation but also ensures steady revenue flow without the risks of client churn due to frustration.

Problem 2: Inconsistent Business Information and Lost Opportunities

Client Challenge: Small business owners often face difficulties in updating their contact information and tracking their vendors’ reporting. Many rely on NAV, which can divert them with upsells, leaving you with minimal benefits. NAV pays commissions on their membership but does not cut you in with their funding upsell commissions. 

Solution for Clients: Fairfigure offers an easy-to-use platform for clients to update their business information seamlessly using our CreditCorrect Tool. Our system ensures accurate reporting and visibility of vendor activities directly, without third-party interference. We even have a NET30 demand tool, forcing vendors to update their information with the bureaus. 

Your Benefit: By providing a direct and transparent reporting system, you keep clients within your ecosystem, preventing third-party upsells. This approach ensures you retain full control over the client relationship and maximize your earnings from each client.

Problem 3: Ineffective Starter Vendors and Customer Dissatisfaction

Client Challenge: Businesses often encounter ‘starter vendors’ selling low-value products with promises of credit score boosts. These transactions rarely report to credit bureaus, leaving businesses with unwanted products and no capital improvement.

Solution for Clients: Fairfigure’s premium monitor reports as a utility tradeline. The FairFigure Capital card gives starter funding of $250 – $1000 to your customers which also reports as a Tradeline.

Your Benefit: By eliminating the involvement of ineffective ‘starter vendors’, you ensure client satisfaction and trust. This approach prevents clients from feeling misled or overcharged, fostering long-term loyalty and positive word-of-mouth for your services. FairFigure acts as two tradelines, in which the card can be used to pay for other vetted tradelines you refer to them. 

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